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Square Bubbles

Refined and Innovated Bubble Teas

Delicious Bubble Tea with Real Fruit

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Our Menu

We offer a wide variety of drinks, from fresh milk, fresh milk teas, real fruit teas, smoothies and popping boba teas. We create the most visual spectacular and innovative drinks for our customers with high quality ingredient.

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Our Popular Drinks

Black Grape Fruit Tea Smoothie £4.45

Fresh black grapes and grape puree are blended with ice and poured on a bed of original crispy bobo (jelly pearls). Then finished off with a creamy milk froth topping.   Prefer ...


The original and the best. Brown sugar boba (tapioca pearls) in velvety fresh creamy milk.   Prefer delivery? Order from our delivery service below:   FOOD ALLERGIES & IN...


Brown sugar boba (tapioca pearls), fresh creamy milk, ice cubes and topped off with half a blended fresh avocado.   Prefer delivery? Order from our delivery service below:   ...

Real Fruit Drinks

Invigoratingly Fresh Fruit

Our fruit smoothies could be the healthiest option in town! Each smoothie contains a variety of fresh daily bought fruit.

Jasmine Green Tea

Premium Jasmine Tea

Boiled to perfection our teas need low temperature water and a short brew time. The flavour should be floral and crisp without the bitterness. With the extensive selection and tasting process we aim to give you the best taste experience

Square Bubbles Brown Sugar Boba

Brown Sugar Tapioca

Our brown sugar pearls are freshly prepared daily. Made with quality natural brown sugar we specially prepare the jellies for between 2-3 hours, the pearls are then super charged at an extreme heat. After slow cooking the fragrant scent of brown sugar syrup are infused into the pearls, each pearl is perfect in colour, tender, chewy and sweet. Our brown sugar pearls are so fresh that we replace them every 3 hours to ensure that you get the maximum flavour experience.