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4 Great Things to Remember When Ordering Bubble Tea

4 Great Things to Remember When Ordering Bubble Tea

Whether it's your first time visiting a bubble tea shop or you're sick of getting the same thing every time, there's a lot you should know about bubble tea. There are numerous drinks and variations to choose from based on their names, flavours, temperature, and sinkers. Who knows, you might find yourself with a new favourite in the process.

Sure, bubble tea is a fun treat, and you may think it's only tea, and there are many things to remember when ordering your bubble tea to actually make it fun. With such wide varieties of teas, toppings and fun-sized drinks, there's no reason to buy the same drink repeatedly unless you've found your personal favourite.

These are four great things to remember when ordering bubble tea before your next trip to the shop to avoid ordering a drink you later regret:

1) Bubble Tea Has Different Names

It seems like each bubble tea shop has a different name for the same drink. Some call it bubble tea, while others call it pearl slings, boba tea and tapioca tea. Certain flavours might also have the same label, such as green tea, matcha, and more. These drinks can all be the same thing, and they all contain many of the same ingredients. Whatever you call it, this delicious drink of tea and sweet toppings is enjoyed by many.

2) Bubble Tea Has Different Flavours

From ice cream, puree, fruit and cream, a bubble tea drink can be ordered in several different flavours. Be sure to explore different categories you think you'd like. You can request a special mix of flavours and toppings to make it even better. Bubble tea shops have a lot of room for their creativity, and you can even get it in a variety of sizes. Small, medium, large, you name it.

3) Bubble Tea Can Be Hot or Cold

It's all up to you if you want your bubble tea to be hot or cold. Whether it's hot tea or a cool drink, you can order bubble tea any way you like. Most bubble tea shops will have their drinks in different temperatures, and all you have to do is remember to ask. When you want to warm yourself up, you can get it hot, but when you want something refreshing, you can get it cold.

4) Bubble Tea Can Have Different Sinkers

If you're one to get a drink with many sinkers, you can order bubble tea with different variations to have just the right amount. Some bubble tea establishments offer a variety of sinkers to pick from, so you can get with or without. It might include tapioca pearls, a variety of fruits, or both. Either mix and match or keep your drink as it is.


There are lots to remember with bubble tea, but it's just a fun beverage to enjoy. With so many different flavours, toppings, and bubble tea varieties, you can't go wrong with this tasty treat. When you know how to order bubble tea correctly, you'll enjoy your next drink even more.

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