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Everything You Need to Know Before Ordering Bubble Tea

Tea has been enjoyed all over the world for centuries now. And you'd think there's not much to improve on the hot beverage. But in recent years, bubble tea has taken the world by storm. Its fun flavours and chewy tapioca balls are what makes the drink so enticing. But if you've never had it before, you may be a bit sceptical about it. Well, to wash your doubts away, we're here to give you a little rundown on bubble tea.

What Is Bubble Tea?

You've probably noticed that bubble tea shops are all over the place right now. And you may think you know what it is, but if you've never tried it yourself, you may be confused. So let's start with the basics.

Bubble tea is a cold or hot tea drink with tapioca balls (also known as boba or bubble balls) or jelly balls. Sometimes, you'll see them called "boba tea." The tapioca balls are derived from cassava root and are chewy when you bite into them.

The tapioca balls are typically made with starch called tapioca flour. This starch is water-swellable and gluten-free and is used in some food applications. When heated, the tapioca balls are chewy, and when you bite into them, a thin layer of sugar on the outside of the balls will absorb it and make it sweet.

The drink also has various flavourings and ingredients, depending on the region. It can also be called bubble milk tea, boba milk tea, boba juice, and boba smoothie.

What Does Bubble Tea Taste Like?

Now that you know what bubble tea is, let's talk about the flavour. When it comes to the flavour, there's an entire spectrum of options. It all depends on the shop, but in general, you'll want to check out the flavour of the tea. There are various teas to choose from, including green tea, oolong, black tea, and jasmine tea. With each of these teas, you may have some additions, such as flavouring, which can add sweetness to it.

In other cases, you'll want to be careful of the additions. Some stores may add a large amount of sugar to their drinks, which can cause health problems if you're on a diet or don't have good teeth.

You may also want to note the thickness of the drink. Some thick drinks are made with soy milk, and others are made without it. If you don't mind a thicker-than-normal drink, go for a drink with no soy milk. But if you want something a bit thinner, choose a drink with soy milk.

Lastly, you'll want to look out for tapioca ball size. Some drinks have a large tapioca ball, and some have a small one. In some cases, the large tapioca ball can be a choking hazard.

Final Thoughts

So now that we've covered the basics of bubble tea, you should have no problem ordering your drink the next time you're out. Remember, there are tons of options, and if you want even more variety, ask the workers there. They'll be happy to answer your questions and give you tips on what to order.

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