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5 Reasons Why People Are Enjoying the Taste of Bubble Tea

Boba has emerged as the new coffee of the 21st century. Originating as a drink made of tea, tapioca balls, and sometimes other fruits and flavours, boba has expanded to include black tea, coffee, fruit juices, smoothies and even “bursting bubble teas.” 

The craze for boba drinks has created an explosion of new boba shops that are taking over the role of coffee shops around the world.

Kinds of Boba Tea

1) Popping Boba

Popping boba consists of a clear film filled with liquid, and can come in many different flavours. Some flavours include peach, apple, cherry and watermelon. It's also low in calories.

2) Clear Boba

Clear boba is a clear film filled with a smooth liquid, and can also be filled with flavoured jellies such as peach and apricot.

3) Flavored Boba

Flavoured boba is packed full of nutrients, and the different fruits and flavours can create unique tastes for people to enjoy. Some flavours include lychee, coconut, strawberry and mango.

4) Sweet Boba

Sweet boba is a jelly-filled type of boba, that can be filled with different kinds of jellies. The jellies can be flavoured with different fruits and sometimes even the toppings are different.

The jelly is usually shaped in a ball, and can sometimes be quite large, making it look like a big bubble.

5) Black Boba

Black boba or dark boba is a type of boba that has a dark brown flavour, and sometimes it can come with white or clear boba. Black boba can be made in a variety of different flavours.

What Is in Boba?

Bubble tea or boba tea or simply boba is a Taiwanese tea-based drink created in Tainan. It's a tea beverage made with tea, juice, and tapioca balls. The tapioca balls are also known as boba, which are small balls made from tapioca starch.

The tapioca balls are usually black or brown in colour but can come in other colours such as bright translucent orange.

How Is Boba Made?

Boba is made by mixing tea, milk and sugar together with the boba. The tea is boiled until it becomes a syrup, and then it is mixed with the boba. 

The boba is mixed in with a boba machine, which is a machine that mixes the tea, milk and boba together. The boba machine is used for fruit punch and boba milk tea as well.

Health Benefits of Boba Tea

Tapioca balls, commonly known as “boba”, are made from tapioca, a starchy root that is also used in many health plans. The starch itself is non-inflammatory, so it’s one of the healthiest starches to eat. Plus, the boba balls can give you some good energy and are a fun snack on their own. 

Tea has many health benefits. It can help fight cancer cells through its antioxidant levels and may also protect your bones and aid in weight loss.


Boba tea is even becoming more popular around the world. The price of boba tea is reasonable, and it can be custom made to suit each person's taste. There are many different kinds of boba tea, including popping boba, clear boba, fruit flavoured boba and black boba. 

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