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A Beginner's Guide to Various Milk Tea Flavors

A Beginner's Guide to Various Milk Tea Flavours

There are many different types of milk tea, each with its own unique flavour and aroma. So it's no wonder milk tea has become so popular recently!

However, it can be hard to know where to start with so many different types and names. In this post, we'll explore the most common types of milk tea so you can choose the best one.

  1. Assam Milk Tea

Assam tea is a type of black tea produced in the Assam region of India. It is known for its strong, robust flavour and is often drunk with milk and sugar to balance its astringency. Assam milk tea is also a common base for bubble tea.

  1. Boba Tea

Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or tapioca tea, is a popular Taiwanese drink made with tea and tapioca pearls. The pearls are small balls with a chewy texture made from cassava root.

Bubble tea originally started with black tea, but nowadays, there are all kinds of different flavours, including green and jasmine tea. Some of the most popular bubble tea flavours are fruit-based beverages that sometimes don't even contain any real tea. Bubble tea is usually enjoyed cold.

  1. Chai Milk Tea

Chai is the Indian word for tea, but in many English-speaking countries, chai means specifically the spiced milk tea known as masala chai.

This beverage consists of strong black tea, milk, and spices like cardamom, cloves, ginger, or cinnamon. It is usually sweetened. The tea is simmered in a saucepan to make chai, resulting in a creamy, sweet, and slightly spicy drink. Chai lattes can be enjoyed cold or iced.

  1. Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido milk tea is a type of tea that takes its inspiration from the Japanese region of Hokkaido. This region is famous for its rich, fresh milk, among other delicious things.

This beverage is made by simmering black tea with milk, similar to chai tea. Interestingly, the Japanese people don't use the name Hokkaido milk tea for this type of tea but call it Royal milk tea or nidashi milk tea instead.

Hokkaido milk tea is the name used in the United States for creamy milk tea, which is often served with tapioca pearls.

  1. Okinawa Milk Tea

Okinawa milk tea is named for the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. The main characteristic of this milk tea is the use of kokutō, a brown sugar unique to Okinawa.

This milk tea can be enjoyed both hot or iced, on its own or with tapioca pearls. Just as Hokkaido milk tea is also named for a Japanese region, this name isn't frequently used in Japan.

  1. Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha milk tea is a drink made by combining milk and matcha tea powder. Matcha is a green tea in powder form with vibrant green colour. To make this lovely green latte, matcha powder is mixed with milk and sometimes a small amount of water.


Even though there are a plethora of different types of tea out there, the actual number is small compared to all the different ways you can have it. However, once you know to look for the different types of tea, you will be able to enjoy a much more varied drink experience.

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