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The Evolution of the Classic Milk Tea as We Know It

Iced milk tea hails from Taiwan and is generally made from black tea and evaporated milk, with the addition of powdered milk, giving it a creamy, milky taste. The tang of the tea blends well with the sweetness of the evaporated milk, making for a drink that is both sweet and strong.

If you’re not satisfied with the sweetened milk drinks found in most cafes, then an iced milk tea is a must-try. If you want to learn more about the delicious history of this sweet drink, let's take a look.

History of Milk Tea 

Milk tea, which is made from steeping black tea and fresh milk together, has long been loved in Taiwan. This drink was invented in the 1980s, but was popular in East Asia before then. A key ingredient of milk tea is tapioca balls, which are made from tapioca starch that has been dried and cooked.

How did milk tea become so popular? The inventor of this beverage added tapioca balls to it. In the 1980s, a genius made a drink with tapioca balls, black tea, and milk. This drink was loved by people all over the world for decades.

How It Became Boba Tea

The drink spread across the world, and the name of the drink was changed to “boba tea” in the US. People called it bobas for short, but the name bobas had nothing to do with its original name. Boba does not mean tapioca balls in English. Boba means pearl, which is a popular name for tapioca balls.

Over time, as more and more people ordered this drink, the drink became known as “milk tea” and the tapioca balls were simply referred to as boba.

Evolution of Boba Tea Flavours

Eventually, the trendy flavours of jelly and pudding started to become more popular. As the list of available toppings grew, boba found its way into an increasing number of new drinks. Milk tea shops added alternative milk products in order to create a longer shelf-life for the drinks.

As a result, boba became more widespread and gained popularity as an addition to coffee shops as well.

What Is Milk Tea Made of?

The most important part of the boba drink is the tapioca balls, which are made from tapioca starch. The tapioca balls, which can have various sizes depending on the manufacturer, are cooked at high temperatures, dried and then popped.

A good boba drink should have the right texture, which is soft without being too hard or too chewy. The right texture depends on the right ratio of water to starch, which varies depending on the brand.

Boba Tea and Nutrition

Milk tea is very nutritious. It has a large number of nutrients and dietary fibre. The milk in it has a lot of important vitamins, such as A, D, and E. In addition, milk tea is rich in calcium, which can help with weight loss.


Milk tea is a tasty and refreshing drink. The tapioca balls have a chewy consistency, which makes them a fun addition to the drink. You can find milk tea in restaurants as well as in stores. Milk tea is a great way to keep cool on hot summer days.

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