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Bubble Tea 101 - What You Should Know About This Refreshing Drink

Bubble tea, also called boba milk tea, is a cold, frothy beverage made with a tea base mixed with flavors, sweeteners, and milk or fruit. Having a drink at a bubble tea shop requires using one of the large straws that are specifically designed for this type of drink.

If you haven’t tried bubble tea in London yet, you’re missing out on a delicious beverage that has become a favorite for many. Here are some answers to questions about bubble tea:

What Is in a Bubble Tea?

A bubble tea drink is made from a type of tea mixed with sweetener, delicious flavors, and either fruit or milk. The base usually is black or green tea, though you can find white or jasmine tea bases as well.

Topping options vary from shop to shop, but the most common ones include tapioca pearls, jelly, fruit like mango, grass jelly, coconut jelly, and red bean.

Quick History of the Bubble Tea

The history of bubble tea is a history of the drink's pearls, as they are what makes the drink unique. Bubble tea is a recent invention. It was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s and quickly became popular.

There are many variations of bubble tea, such as those made with milk or those served with fruit.

Bubble tea first became popular in the United States in the 1990s. The original, Chinese-style bubble tea is still popular today, but the assortment of new flavors is endless, too.

What Are the Toppers (or Sinkers) Made Of?

Typical bubble tea contains mochi, an elastic, chewy starch primarily made from sweet rice.

For bubble tea, the mochi balls are made in various ways depending on the type. The most common are the tapioca pearls made of mochi combined with tapioca flour and water.

Another type is the grass jelly, which is made from mochi mixed with Huang Jin Guo, a plant stem. Grass jelly looks like snow but has a soft, chewy texture that bubbles in your mouth.

The jelly commonly found in Asian desserts is made from mochi mixed with seaweed extract. Coconut jelly is made of mochi mixed with coconut milk, and red bean jelly is made of mochi mixed with red beans.

How Are Bubble Tea Drinks Made?

Bubble tea is prepared by mixing milk and ice with tea, a process that is not that complicated at all. First, you will need to pour the milk into a cup. Next, you’ll pour the tea into the milk.

You will then add flavors, such as tapioca, passion fruit, or coconut juice. After mixing the drink, you’ll add the topping and mix it again. Then you’ll sip your drink through the big, wide straw.

What Are the Most Popular Bubble Tea Flavors?

The most popular bubble tea flavors are milk teas. These are made with milk, with or without additional flavors like chocolate. The most popular milk tea flavors include taro, mango, passion fruit, green tea, and coconut.


Bubble tea, also known as boba milk tea or boba tea, is a delicious drink that is frothy and light. This delightful beverage is gaining popularity as a refreshing drink you can enjoy at any time. Whether you’re looking for something a little fruity or a little chocolatey, you’ll never get bored with the variety of flavors, toppings, and combinations.

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