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Convince a Friend to Try Bubble Tea With These 8 Reasons

Almost everyone has heard of bubble tea by this point. Boba tea has grown in popularity in recent years, and there are now boba tea stores all across the country! You can even get convenient bubble tea kits to prepare your favourite beverage at home. However, some people have yet to taste the delectableness!

Are you a boba tea enthusiast looking to persuade someone else to try it? Here are eight persuasive reasons you can make!

  1. There are Plenty of Tasty Flavours to Choose From!

Bubble tea comes in endless flavour combinations, so there's bound to be something to suit everyone's taste! Whether your friend prefers fruity or milky drinks, there's a boba tea out there for them.

  1. It's a Great Way to Cool Down on a Hot Day

With weather conditions becoming increasingly warm, what better way to cool down than with a refreshing cup of bubble tea? The chewy tapioca pearls are also a great way to rehydrate after being out in the heat.

  1. Bubble Tea is Incredibly Insta-worthy

We all know that our photos need to look good on social media these days, and what could be more 'gram-worthy than a beautiful cup of bubble tea? The colourful drinks make for great photos, and will definitely make your friends jealous!

  1. Bubble Tea is Surprisingly Healthy

Despite being delicious, many people assume that bubble tea is bad for you because of its sugar content. However, bubble tea actually contains less sugar than a lot of other popular drinks, such as sodas and frappuccinos. If you're health-conscious, rest assured that you can still enjoy a cup of boba tea without guilt!

  1. It's a Unique Experience

Trying bubble tea for the first time is definitely a unique experience that your friend will never forget! The chewy tapioca pearls and creamy milk base combine to create a texture like no other, and the flavours will tantalise their taste buds in a way they never thought possible.

  1. It's the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Whether your friend is feeling tired or just needs a little boost, bubble tea is the perfect drink to pick them up! The caffeine from the tea combined with the sweetness of the flavours will give them the energy they need to power through their day.

  1. It Makes for a Great Conversation Starter

Bubble tea is definitely not your average beverage, and people are often curious about it when they see it being enjoyed. This makes for a great conversation starter and gives you something interesting to chat about with your friends!

  1. Bubble Tea is Simply Delicious!

Last but not least, the most important point to make is that bubble tea is delicious! Once your friend tries it, they'll be hooked on the unique flavour and texture, and will be thanking you for introducing them to this amazing drink!


If you're looking to convince someone to try bubble tea, these are the points you should make! Bubble tea is a delicious and unique experience that everyone should have, so make sure your friend doesn't miss out!

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